We operate The Mudroom at OCS as an open-studio environment.  It is open during regular stores hours to those wishing to work on clay, glaze bisque, etc.  Our staff can and will assist you with projects provided you have some basic knowledge and skills.

For those new to ceramics or wishing to develop their skills - we offer classes and events - visit the events page for current offerings

At the discretion of OCS staff, wheel availability is subject to change depending on weekly class sizes and demand. Priority is given to events and workshops.

We frequently create custom workshops for schools, scouts, adult gatherings, corporate team building, kids parties, and many others. We gladly host private events in our studio space! Contact us at 330-296-3815 or to talk to our staff and discuss ideas for your event!

Studio access allows you to use equipment, decorating accessories and studio glazes. For those working with clay, we ask that you purchase your clay from us. For those who'd like to pick a piece of bisque and glaze: the price of the bisque is in addition to the studio fee. Kiln firings are also in addition to studio fees


Memberships begin on the date of payment and are good for 30 days from that date (e.x. June 6 – July 6)

  • Memberships - $75
  • Student Membership - $55 (must provide valid high school or college ID)
  • 55+ Membership - $55
  • Starter Membership - $150 for 3 months, or $50 per month up to 3 months
  • Includes five (5) firings per month (bisque cone 06/ cone 6 glaze only
    • Speciality firings paid separately (cone 5, Raku, cone 10, and lusters)
    • One firing = one piece or multiple pieces up to one full kiln load
  • One shelf storage
  • Discounts on materials & tools
  • Access to available studio equipment & tools
  • Use of available studio glaze (underglaze, low-fire, and mid-range)
  • Must purchase clay and glaze from the store

Please note, membership fees are nonrefundable.



  • Full day - $10.00 (will not be pro-rated based on time of day)
    • Includes access to studio, tools, and glazes
    • Does not include firing
    • Does not include storage
  • Storage Rental
    • 1 week - $5 (can add more pieces within the week, customers still need to pay studio fee per day)
    • Courtesy call after week is done, pieces will be recycled if not compliant


  • Tiered pricing for space taken up in kiln (paid per firing)
    • $2.50 - Half of half shelf
    • $5.00 - Full half Shelf (These shelves are 26" half shelves)
    • $10.00 - 2 Full half shelves
    • $17.50 - for Half kiln load
    • $35.00 - for Small kiln load
    • $50.00 - for Large kiln load
    • $60.00 per kiln load - Raku/ cone 10 kiln, regardless of 1 piece or 50 pieces
  • Firing Club $125 - for unlimited firings per month

*Pricing subject to chnage without advanced notice 


Store Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

Holiday Closings: Memorial Day Weekend, July 3-4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve & New Year's Day

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