Glaze, Bisque & Accessories

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OCS offers the largest inventory of ceramic and pottery supplies and equipment in northern Ohio. Some of the product lines you'll find in our location include:

cone06 mayco amaco2 cone6 glaze bisque duncan display2

Glazes and Non-Fired Color from: Amaco, Duncan, Mayco, Spectrum, Doc Holliday and Kimple.

clay side by side3 earthenware bisque2 clay tools display
Moist Clay and Casting Slip: Standard Clay, Laguna (Miller's) Clay, John’s Earthenware Low Fire Slip, Mayco's Stoneware Slip Bisque: earthenware bisque from Duncan, Mayco; stoneware bisque from Mayco. Brushes & Tools: Duncan, Kemper, Kimple, Mayco, Royal, Xiem Studio Tools, Sherrill and Dirty Girls.


lamp clock parts2 stamps silkscreens display2 brushes dec accessories2

Supplies: lamp parts, fountain & soap pumps, Christmas tree lights & accessories, banding straps, sponges, greenware files, grit sponges, plastic stoppers, rubber stoppers, spray sealers, kiln furniture, Orton cones, banding wheels, turntables, silkscreens, stamps, stencils . . .